Module 1

Introduction to Multilevel and Longitudinal Designs

In this module, we review basic statistical concepts (e.g., hypothesis testing), and explore the fundamentals of both multi-level and longitudinal studies. Conceptual knowledge is covered to provide a framework for analyzing and synthesizing research study designs. This module lays a foundation for subsequent learning. The module concludes with an introduction to the GLIMMPSE software for conducting your own power and sample size analyses. You will walk through a fully guided exercise problem to solve for power for a single level cluster design.

Key Concepts

  • Define and identify the independent sampling unit (ISU).
  • Define and identify the unit of observation.
  • Compare and contrast between- and within-independent sampling unit factors.
  • Describe and provide an example of a longitudinal study.
  • Compare and contrast how single-level and multi-level cluster designs induce correlation.
  • Describe and provide an example of a multi-level study.
  • Recognize how designs with multilevel and longitudinal features have two kinds of correlation among measurements.


Module One Activities