Module 5

Ethics and Using Power and Sample Size Analysis to Get Funded

The fifth and final module first introduces the ethics of sample size analysis, including overpowered and underpowered research studies and the importance of early planning. Next, we walk through the process of structuring a sample size section of a proposal in a grant application. Then we dive into power curves again and discuss how to decide to incorporate a graphic to best tell your story. After, we explore subgroup analyses such as gender or race, and how to incorporate these design features into a power and sample size analysis. We close our last lecture on searching and applying for funding opportunities, and how a clear design and analysis plan improves your chances for funding. As this is our last module, you will walk through a fully independent exercise problem to solve for sample size analysis for a planned subgroup analysis. Finally, you will complete the final exam in the course.

Key Concepts

  • Define and describe key concepts important for ethical sample size determinations.
  • Describe the ethical concerns with overpowered and underpowered research studies.
  • Describe the importance of early sample size and power planning.
  • Demonstrate how to structure the sample size section of a proposal.
  • Describe power curves and to choose a graphic that best tells the desired story.
  • Define subgroup analysis, and demonstrate how to conduct power and sample size calculations for subgroup analysis.
  • Demonstrate how to search and apply for funding opportunities.


Module Five Activities